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Parents ‘Club with children under 3 years are friendly meeting places, parents’ integration and children’s play. We are open to families who speak Polish and other languages.
Organizer: Understanding Foundation
Place: Multi Club
Opening hours of the Parent Club with children up to 3 years: Monday 13.00-17.30, Tuesday: 15.00 – 19.00, Wednesday 13.00-17.30, Thursday 9.00-13.00, Friday 9.00-13.00, Saturday 10:00 – 14:00.
A children’s animator is present during the club’s opening hours. Then we invite you to the playroom.
Address: ul. Tarnowskiego 6 / 1-2 30-528 Kraków Kraków Stare Podgórze / Zabłocie at the intersection of Wielicka and Limanowskiego, the new Krakow Podgórze railway station.
E-mail: The classes are subject to prior registration via the website
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As part of the Parent’s Club, there will be free classes for children and parents. The full offer is presented below:

16: 30-17: 30 A crouching tiger, a hidden dragon. We invite children from 1.5 years to 4 years old, you can also come with a baby who will listen to the language. Great fun, fairy tales, games, singing, art classes. Does it sound like a science? And yet in this way, we will get used to the most difficult language of the world – Chinese. Your child, like Marco Polo, will become the discoverer of the Far East. We will use various techniques of art therapy, hortitherapy and music therapy. It’s best to start making friends with Chinese as soon as possible due to its tonality. Immerse your child in listening to speech and songs in Chinese before the third year of life, as the researchers say, will significantly facilitate the subsequent learning of this difficult language, maybe even develop bilingualism.
Host: Joanna Bzdyl. Philologist, Slavic clerk of the Jagiellonian University, cultural studies specialist of the Middle and Far East of the Jagiellonian University. Founder of Chinese Culture and Language Workshops “Panda” at the Krakow YMCA. Co-organizer of the Festival of Gardens, held in the Botanical Garden of the Jagiellonian University. The profession is a teacher and translator of the Chinese language and an occupational therapist, she also has a florist diploma, she has a training in teaching Chinese children at the Confucius Institute in Krakow and Berlitz teaching. She is the author of articles on the religion of the Far East which appeared in the periodicals of the Polish Academy of Sciences, and also published a fairy tale for children. After a year’s stay in Taiwan, she is fascinated by Asian culture, especially botanical art. In the pedagogical approach, he follows the philosophy of Thomas Gordon and Janusz Korczak.
16.00-17.00 Sensory Art. Workshop. I touch, smell, see, hear and taste – all senses are subjected to intense exercise! Ahead of us, a different edition of the text, textures and flavors, we will visit the land of new senses and awaken our senses!
Host: Monika Śledź-Pacheco – Family Coach, NLP Master Practitioner & amp; Trainer, mother of two boys (8 and 11 years old) in search of a harmonious family life. Professional Coach (Caracas Coaching) specialization as Family Coach, NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer (Birkbeck Collage of London and Instituto Venezolano de PNL de Pedro Henriquez). Master of Economics, specialist in training systems and personal development.
17.30-18.30 Creciendo juntos – games in Spanish. I invite you to play, sing and dance together. Activities for kids with parents in Spanish. We will learn Spanish songs, and we will also learn about the art and craft in our play.
Host: Monika Śledź-Pacheco Family Coach & amp; Trainer, Member of the Center for Latin American Culture (Centro Latino). Mom of two boys (8 and 11 years old).
15.30-16.30 Art, crafts and sensor development. We will get dirty and paint together! Combine invoices and mix paints! And all this to create beautiful works by yourself and to support the development of our children’s sensory! We will use tiny legs and tiny hands of our kids to let them experience what art is for big and small. Classes are taught in English. If anyone needs help with translation, we are available.
Host: Monika Śledź-Pacheco Family Coach & amp; Trainer, Member of the Board of the Center for Latin American Culture (Centro Latino). Mom of two boys (8 and 11 years old).
10.00-11.00 Mums for mums. Chat in Polish and English. We invite you to a joint conversation with a cup of delicious coffee at the Multi Club. Let’s get to know each other, let’s take our kids with us. We will polish, refresh or learn English, and children will listen to it. We will exchange advice and give each other support. All mothers are welcome – both those who speak fluent English, learn or want to start learning. We offer help in translation. The most important goal is to create an open and supporting group. Each week, together with the participants, we will develop a discussion topic that will be interesting for them. We will share our experiences, among others in the area of ??a two-year rebellion, positive discipline or child resistance building.
Host: Daria Rakin, mother of a 2 year old son, fan of healthy food and conscious life. Together with her husband, Scot, for a few years living in Dubai, they are a perfect example of an intercultural family. He loves to travel and learn new languages. Founder of a support group for mothers from different cultures: Mums and tots.
Host: Monika Śledź-Pacheco Family Coach & amp; Trainer, Member of the Board of the Center for Latin American Culture (Centro Latino). Mom of two boys (8 and 11 years old).
10: 00-11: 00 Jump with music in English. Classes are a combination of music education, rhythmics and movement activities. They will be run in English. During the 45-minute meeting, we will learn basic issues in music theory, play instruments, sing, dance, jump, scream. During the classes, we will stimulate our bodies and minds. Classes will be very dynamic and involving children and parents.
Lecturer: Klaudia Podkowa, a student of applied psychology at the Jagiellonian University and a graduate of the Pedagogical College of the Jagiellonian University. She also studied Spanish philology at the Pedagogical University. For several years, he has been teaching guitar lessons for children and adults. He loves sport in every form, and the most volleyball. She is a fan of traveling and getting to know people and their culture.
11: 00-13: 00 Saturday meeting with an expert: Competition and conflicts among siblings.
During the meeting, we will learn how the order of birth can affect the behavior and development of the child. We will talk about the causes of conflicts and behaviors of aggressive children, what roles they play in social and individual development, as well as how parents and carers can react to such behavior.
Lecturer: Bernadetta Kralka, psychologist, social educator and resocialization graduate at the Jagiellonian University. Currently, he conducts workshops and psycho-education in several foundations working mainly with adults and youth. For several years, she was active in student projects and organizations, where she had the opportunity to coordinate the work of various teams. Professionally associated with recruitment processes. Thanks to the AIESEC organization, she had the opportunity to work in an intercultural center for neglected and abused girls in the center of Kula Lumpur, which resulted in fascination, cultures and travels.
11: 00-13: 00. Saturday meeting with an expert: Multilingualism in children – strategies and motivation.
Multilingualism has become a necessity in today’s world. How best to prepare our children for this? Multilingualism from early childhood is possible 🙂 We will talk about it
What can be done to support multilingualism;
How we implement language learning from an early age;
How to motivate children and ourselves to multilingualism.
Together, we want to promote multilingualism in Europe.
Host: Aleksandra Mykowska, Psychologist and mother of a bilingual (or perhaps a multilingual in the future) daughter. Her dream is to give her and other children a chance for a comprehensive development in an anti-stress atmosphere, but full of challenges. He wants to create a place where children will have a varied and friendly development environment balanced in terms of mind, body, emotions and spirit. A fan of healthy nutrition, natural medicine and a slower pace of life. He is currently exploring and experiencing various pedagogical approaches towards young children. An opponent of penalties, a proponent of translation for the thousandth time, a lover of smiles on children’s faces.
11: 00-13: 00. Meeting with an expert: Coaching for parents.
Gandhi said that we would be a change that we want to see in the world. As parents, we are the first example for our children, they learn from our first skills and build our habits and behavior on our example.
How to help children solve their problems in the right way for them, how to be good guides for them during the first years of their life and become a model forever.
Host: Monika Śledź-Pacheco Family Coach & amp; Trainer, Member of the Board of the Center for Latin American Culture (Centro Latino). Mom of two boys (8 and 11 years old).
10:00-12:00. Sobotnie spotkanie z ekspertem: Mummy in good shape (spotkanie w języku angielskim).
Theoretical part: education about the return to physical activity after childbirth – what exercises should be performed and what to avoid; postpartum complications? red flags during training; how the pelvic floor muscles really function; why the proper functioning of the pelvic floor, abdominal, back and diaphragm muscles are important in returning to the form after childbirth. Practical part: functional test: posture defects, abdominal muscle separation, breathing method, pelvic floor muscle work; exercises that will make it easier for you to safely return to fitness.
The host Anna Godek-Kose, personal trainer, women? S health coach, yoga and Pilates instructor, specialist in perinatal rehabilitation and fitness for women during pregnancy, puerperium and before and during menopause. The author of training programs, workshops and courses for mothers in the UK and Poland.
12:00-14:00. Sobotnie spotkanie z ekspertem: Jak pomóc dzieciom by radziły sobie z emocjami?
Na spotkaniu porozmawiamy o dziecięcych emocjach i o tym jak sobie z nimi radzić samemu i jak pomóc w tym naszym dzieciom. Będziemy mówić o dziecięcej złości, lęku i radości. O tym jak być i wspierać, ale też jak zachować dystans i zadbać o siebie w takich sytuacjach.
Prowadząca: Dominika Stanek – pedagog, tłumacz, coach, fotograf i mama w jednym. Twórca grupy Sąsiedzka Pomoc Kraków, w ramach której organizowana jest wzajemna pomoc sąsiedzka, współpraca z grupą Lepsze Kliny przy zakładaniu ogrodu społecznego. Korepetytor i nauczyciel języka angielskiego i matematyki. Zaangażowana w działalność na rzecz rodzicielstwa.