Music and Art for kids

Multilingual and multicultural Saturdays in Żyrafa

We invite you to music classes for children, art and great fun with our international animators.

From 14:00 to 17:00 you will find something interesting for your children and parents – a place to meet and exchange experiences.
The primary goal of music in early education is that children through music develop their potential, expressing the diversity and richness of their inner world, giving new and diverse forms to their way of thinking, stimulating their motor skills, sensitivity and creativity.

In addition, artistic workshops supporting creativity, sensory integration and motor skills of little hands.

Objectives and skills developed during classes:

-Work and play in a group
-Improving social skills
-Improving self-esteem
– Improve your sense of security
-Improving motor skills

Arts and Crafts for all – make some Christmas crafts together with your Kids!

Inés Marmissolle-Daguerre -Musician, preschool teacher
Her main objective and passion has been and still is to help raising sensitive children and to contribute in creating a better world with the help of music.
Ana Cecilia Rodriguez – preschool teacher, art and crafts creativity and children development specialist.

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