Multilingual Family Clubs

The Multi Club is part of the Multilingual Families Club project

It is an international project under the Erasmus + program, which aims to promote a multicultural and multilingual society celebrating linguistic diversity in Europe.

The European Union, with 500 million citizens, 28 Member States, 3 alphabets and 24 official languages, is based on “unity in diversity”: diversity of cultures, customs and religions and languages. In addition to the 24 official languages ??of the Union, 60 other languages ??are also part of the EU heritage and are used in specific regions or by specific groups. In addition, immigrants brought with them a wide range of languages; it is estimated that at least 175 nationalities are currently present within the EU.

There is a constant need to address and support the learning needs of multilingual families in European societies. The huge multilingual potential of multilingual families is often an undervalued and under-exploited treasure as a means of maintaining languages ??and cultures as a benefit for Europe.

To achieve this goal, a project partnership, made up of organizations from Poland, Italy, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom and Turkey, combined their common experience and specific skills in the field of intercultural education.