Our team

Aleksandra Mykowska

Psychologist and mother of bilingual (hopefully multilingual in the future) daughter. Her dream is to give children a chance for a comprehensive development in anti-stress but challenging atmosphere. She wants to create a place where children have a varied and friendly development environment balanced in terms of mind, body, emotions and mind. A fan of healthy nutrition, natural medicine and a slower pace of life. Currently, explores different pedagogical approaches regarding small children. Opponent of punishments, supporter of explaining for the thousandth time, a lover of smiles on children’s faces.

Agata Włodarczyk

Graphic designer by trade, art therapist and social worker by vocation. During her three-year stay in England, she worked with immigrant organizations providing art workshops for children. Believes in free education, independence and respect for the creativity of the child. Mum of bilingual Jagoda. Together with Sofia Ali founded Papala Studio, which creates illustration and visual identities for organisations and businesses aimed at supporting the professional development of migrants in the UK.

Sofia Ali

Bilingual anthropologist and illustrator, fluent in English and Somali, recently living in Cracow. During her many years of work for Wai Yin organisation in the UK, she has worked with people from many cultures, providing a variety of activities supporting intercultural integration for children and adults. In her art she combines traditional African motifs with contemporary art. Passionate about English literature.

Iwona Pliszyło

A graduate of English philology and Latin American studies. English teacher since 2010. During classes full of positive energy and optimism! Loves working with children. She teaches through games also giving children time to caper. Children love her for her warmth, flexibility, fun and friendly nature. Parents value her British accent, acquired while living in London 😉

Dobrawa Branicka

Polish philologist, theater critic, art therapist. What passionate her the most are activities that integrate education, therapy and art. She has worked with children, youth and people with disabilities. She has led therapeutic theater and various forms of artistic workshops. In contact with children she is fascinated by their sensitivity, power of imagination, sincerity and spontaneity. She escaped from the city, to make snowmen in the garden, have space to grow plants and to horseplay with children. In the KLUB Multi leads theater, art, ceramic and psychological activities.

Agata Jarosz

Geodesist by accident. Actress by personal choice. Experienced in Theatre-In-Education work / involved in anorexia and human trafficking education programs.Travelled the length and breadth of the UK. Collaborates with the Exeter Northcott Theatre /England/. Loves life. Loves challenges. Happy mum of little Kuba.

Camilla Włodarski

A mum-of-four, a family coach, graduated from University in Austria in Bindungsorienierter Familienbegleiter: Attachment Parenting. She completed courses in the field of proper babywearing (sling, baby carrier), infant and toddler massage, aromatherapy, communication, crisis intervention, sensory development, pedagogy of creativity etc. She is interested in the implementation of the idea of closeness, how to build rich relationships with children and how to create a fun environment where children can play and learn. In the Klub Multi she leads workshops for parents about : Attachment Parenting, balance in family life, how to build healthy relationships with children and also teaches children the sensory development, communication skills, etc . /all in Polish or German/.


Andrea Tosi – musician, a lover of world music

Agnieszka Masternak– psychologist, theater critic., author of guides to Italy, singer

Lohana Ratajczyk– French translator, actor

Wojciech Koczwara– German translator